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How to Get Your Car Sold Fast

While vehicle owners might think it is hopeless to expect a same day sale on their unwanted vehicle, it is not.  Scrap Cars for Cash will show you a way on how you can get your vehicle sold in as little as 10 minutes.  Sound too good to be true?  Give us a call and we’ll make you a cash for cars offer, even if your vehicle is a scrap vehicle.


Getting Your Car Sold Fast

While other car removal companies in Perth may not be quite as generous with their cash offer (we offer vehicle owners of up to $9999), most legitimate companies are fair with the offers they make.  With that said, the new trend in car removal companies is to have expert vehicle appraisers (like those at Scrap Cars for Cash).  Expert appraisers can quickly calculate the worth of a vehicle whether it is resellable or in used condition.  The key, if you are selling an unwanted vehicle, is to find a car removal company that is also a car wrecker (like Scrap Cars for Cash).  Car removal companies that are also auto wreckers will have a better concept of the real value of the vehicle as they understand the precious metals in parts, the value of salvageable parts and the steel of the metal.


The process to get your car sold in a day (and if you call Scrap Cars for Cash, it will be more like 10 minutes), is to find a legitimate car removal company.  Once you have found a car removal company with a good reputation in the community and a history of high payouts (like us), then you simply give them a call.  You will need to provide them with the details of your vehicle, requesting a cash quote.  If they insist that they need to see the vehicle first, you might want to move to the next company.  Most companies (like Scrap Cars for Cash), will make cash offers and then quickly inspect the vehicle when they arrive to remove it and provide the owner with the cash offer.  This is simply a safegaurd to ensure that the owner was on the up and up with the details like the condition of the vehicle.  The company should also offer their car removal services for free.  If they don’t, then they are a company that likely isn’t giving a fair cash offer as they are accustomed to taking on charges (and likely taking down value).

  1.  Call and request a cash quote online.
  2.  Schedule a car removal.
  3.  Gather your title of ownership and photo ID.
  4.  Collect your cash for car amount.


Vehicle owners across Perth are using car removal companies for a quick sale of their vehicle; and, when you call a company like Scrap Cars for Cash, you know you get a fair cash offer.

Call us today and get your car sold today!

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This is a great service… Tried calling a couple of companies and received no prompt replies but when contacted scrap Cash for cars it’s very smooth, No hassle. Much better way to get rid of my car. It was a Nissan pulsar in Joondalup

Bill Johns